Psalm 23 : Collision

Let your soul sway and lurch with the storm, keeping one eye on the One who can still it with a word, even as you cry out to him to save you.

The Power of Flesh

My mind is weighty with new old truth. Does the gospel ever just hit you fresh and fiery like the first time again? It’s like digging a well you’ve dug for years when suddenly, fresh, cool water streams in, turning dry cracked earth back into fertile life-bearing soil. Incarnation: a word that typically brings toContinue reading “The Power of Flesh”

A Newborn Mom’s Guide to Getting Ready

I have now conquered 2.5 weeks of being a mom of THREE GIRLS>>>> I would say there are few words to express the joy and exhaustion that blend themselves into my reality, but there are plenty of words… I am just too tired to remember them. These days are both quiet and soak-worthy while somehowContinue reading “A Newborn Mom’s Guide to Getting Ready”