The Power of Flesh

My mind is weighty with new old truth. Does the gospel ever just hit you fresh and fiery like the first time again? It’s like digging a well you’ve dug for years when suddenly, fresh, cool water streams in, turning dry cracked earth back into fertile life-bearing soil. Incarnation: a word that typically brings toContinue reading “The Power of Flesh”

Finding Jesus

My eyes welled as they scanned the words−each one spreading salve on my current situation. I had just traveled through a dark valley, overcome by depression and wracked with physical sickness. I had spent the night before crying on my bathroom floor to the God Who Sees. I poured over Psalm 116, reliving the bigContinue reading “Finding Jesus”

A Newborn Mom’s Guide to Getting Ready

I have now conquered 2.5 weeks of being a mom of THREE GIRLS>>>> I would say there are few words to express the joy and exhaustion that blend themselves into my reality, but there are plenty of words… I am just too tired to remember them. These days are both quiet and soak-worthy while somehowContinue reading “A Newborn Mom’s Guide to Getting Ready”

How to Throw a Pinterest-Worthy Pity Party

I am the QUEEN of the pity party. I can go from “My life is awesome!!!” to full-on Bridget Jones with mind numbing speed and expertise. For years I wore my self-loathing like a badge of honor. Humility, in my mind,  was mastered through self-loathing, and I had a doctorate in humility displayed proudly on myContinue reading “How to Throw a Pinterest-Worthy Pity Party”