This is my right.

I’m about to turn 30. It feels big, like the real end of childhood, which I realize is especially strange considering I have two children of my own. And I would love to sit here and reminisce on how much amazing life has happened in these thirty years, but I keep coming back to one thing in particular: I am alive because Jesus redeems even murderers.

My parents had me very young, and were married even younger. They both grew up in their own difficult worlds; the kind that often defines the lives of their inhabitants for generations.  By the age of 20 they were welcoming their first child. The doctor who delivered me, had, by his own admission, killed countless babies at all stages of prenatal development. He was, in fact, part of the first movement of “legal” abortions in the States.  However, by the time I came into the picture he had given his heart to Jesus and his hands to giving life. I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck and these newly redeemed hands released me into life.

This story is fairly unremarkable except for one thing: He saved me because I was wanted. I was born into the same circumstances as many of those who had come before me- young parents, abusive cycle, poverty- but I had someone dreaming of my future and knowing I could have and be more. Babies that were and are currently being aborted do not have that privilege.

In Dr. Hill’s testimony he describes seeing the “product of conception” that they were regularly discarding:

“It was easy for us to do the first trimester abortion because we were using the same procedure that you use if you remove the placental tissue after a woman has a miscarriage. The vacuum machine is used, and the vacuum tubing empties all of the products of conception into a tidy little cheesecloth sack. We then sent those sacks down to pathology. In my second year of residency I spent two months on a pathology rotation, which is an interesting thing, and I had to come face-to-face with the contents of those sacks. We were studying the embryology of the ovary. I personally had to search through the jumbled-up mass of tissue. The jumbled-up mass of tissue was easily identifiable as the torn and shredded body of a tiny human being.”

We are at yet another crossroads in our country regarding abortion. Through the videos released by The Center for Medical Progress we have come face-to-face, as Dr. Hill did, with the reality of what it looks like for a child to be torn from its mother’s body.

I dreamt last night that I was taking out my contacts, and when I did they were actually opaque scales floating there in the liquid. We wear these blinders over our eyes because we cannot stomach the truth, or because it is too barbaric for us to believe. In a sermon last week by J.R. Vasser  he compared our self-imposed blindness to those living in German towns near WWII concentration camps. There are testimonies of townspeople smelling burning flesh and seeing tufts of hair and bone fragments falling from the sky ( Looking back, we cannot help but place judgement on them for choosing to be bystanders in the most atrocious taking of human life the world has ever seen.

The newest count done by researchers in 2013 shows that somewhere between 15-20 million people were killed senselessly during the holocaust- 1.1 million of those lives are thought to be children. Many of these deaths were by gas chamber. Now consider this, by the year 2015 we will have stood by and allowed approximately 58,800,000 children be slaughtered in much the same way. Their bodies torn apart and then used (or sold) for research, toxins introduced to their system via the inhalation or “breathing” of amniotic fluid.

So as the church, what can we do? Picket, vote, line the streets and your social media with the horrific, but real images of dead babies? Possibly. But I think that’s too easy. Mother Theresa said it better than I ever could, “We are fighting abortion by adoption — by care of the mother and adoption for her baby.”

The cure for abortion is not winning the battle of rhetoric, or the forced opening of the opposition’s eyes. It is fought and won in the only way Jesus taught us to do battle: irrational love. It will be eradicated when we show mothers that they are surrounded by those who will walk with them and help  to raise their children should they choose to keep them. When churches change the stigma placed on unwed mothers, and embrace them with grace, we will win this war.

Abortion and the need for foster care could be completely eliminated if adoptions are made priority and our churches support those families looking to adopt. Texas boasts nearly 17 of the top 100 largest churches in the US, eight of which are found in the DFW area. If we could fund one family from each church in the state to adopt we could quickly make a dent in the amount of babies lost in this country, and we could definitely give homes to the over 31,000 children in foster care.

Whatever label you place on your belief system, political or otherwise. I challenge you to look at these videos with their tiny, but fully formed legs, arms and even eyeballs, being offered for cold hard cash and honestly tell yourself “This is my right.” And Christ-followers, I beg you, be rightfully outraged, and then take real, life-altering, life-giving action. Here are some ideas to get you moving:

-Volunteer at or donate to your local pregnancy center: here are links to a few in the Mid-Cities area
-Pray about fostering or adopting
-Write a letter to an abortion provider about their worth and about Jesus’ love via this site:
-Pray about being a respite family for foster parents
-Pray for those affected by abortion in some way- and show grace to those who are.

Support life with love.

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